Types Of Moving Pads

When packing up our belongings we want to make sure that we have the necessary supplies that will make it both easy and will keep them from breaking, tearing, staining, and denting. Moving pads are the obvious choice because they are built to be both thick and durable enough to prevent this from happening.

The problem that we face is to know which one to get. There are several different types of moving pads that we are able to choose from and each will vary depending on the materials used to make them and what they have to offer.

Economy Moving Pads

The economy pads are designed using non-woven fabric on either side of it. This is a soft materials. However, it is not the most durable one to use. These are best for furniture that you are wanting to store or for shipping certain items.

Green Moving Pads

These are very similar to those of the economy pads and also the furniture moving pads. The outer fabric is designed with woven polyester rather then the non-woven fabric. This helps to make it very durable and perfect for moving.

Professional Moving Pads

These moving pads come in a variety of colors and use durable woven fabric on both sides. Others are designed with one side being a light color and the other side a darker color. This allows you to know which side has been sitting against the furniture and which side might be dirty. Each of these types of moving pads have been designed to be heavier then normal and more expensive.

Cotton Moving Pads

Cotton is always a great material to use and this is true for moving pads. These are some of the best to use because they are both soft and durable. They are perfect at preventing damage to the furniture and will not slide off when the truck is in motion.