How To Pack The Moving Truck

It’s moving day and you are half excited and half drained from all the preparation that you have been doing over the last month or two. The last thing you feel like doing is to take several trips to pack up everything that you own into the moving truck. This is a long process and if not done right could cause you to waste valuable time and energy.

By now everything that you own should be in boxes. Every box should be have a label of what is inside of it, what room it belongs in, and whether or not it is fragile. The day before you are going to pack the truck move all of the furniture and boxes into the front living room.

This will make it easier for people to come right inside of the home, grab something, and place it inside of the truck. To make things even easier you will want to place the largest pieces of furniture in the very front, and the smaller ones behind it. To one side of the room place the heaviest boxes to the front and the smaller, lighter, and more fragile boxes to the back.

The way in which you set up this room will help to make it easier when packing the truck and to know where everything should go. Packing the moving truck is like putting a puzzle together. You want everything to fit perfectly together so that nothing can fall over and break.

All of the furniture needs to be covered with a moving pad or have one placed on either side of it after being placed inside of the truck. The larger the furniture the more pads you will need to keep it covered completely. Make sure that you ordered the right amount for the moving company.

On the moving day you will start off by using the provided dolly to pack up the refrigerator, washer, dryer, and sofas first. Fit them beside each other and try to fill up every space. For example the chairs to the dining room table can sit on top of each other so that they are secure and do not take up unnecessary amounts of space.

The heavy boxes will go on the bottom and the lighter boxes will go on top. Remember that fragile items must be secured properly and nothing heavy should be placed on top of them.