Create A Moving Checklist

Moving can be a hassle for those of us who have never done it before. Experience is key when you are doing anything in life and for some of us it takes the second or third time before we get it done perfectly! If you are moving and you don’t know what is involved than you have come to the right place. We will show you a checklist that you need to put together which will help to put it all into perspective for you.

Make A Budget

The very first thing you need to do when you know that you are going to move is to set up a budget. This is the money that you are going to spend renting a moving truck, buying boxes and other supplies, gas, food, and any other necessities. Give yourself enough money to work with – but not so much that it will put you in a financial bind.

Moving Supplies

Get as many moving supplies as possible a month or two in advance. Packing can take awhile and I always think it best to start as soon as possible. That way you have enough time to sort through and throw away anything you don’t want to keep anymore and to have garage sales. You need to get boxes, newspaper, moving blankets, tape, and markers. You can get boxes for free at grocery stores or fast food restaurants.

Pack It Up

When packing the home you need to start in the room you use less. Pack it up completely and use that room as the storage area. Make sure to label each box with the room it belongs in and whether or not it holds anything fragile.


A month before you move you need to call the utility services and schedule a shut off date. This should be the day you plan to be out. If you have a home set up in your new city than make sure you schedule a turn on date for everything.

Clean House

Pack up the truck at least one day before you leave town. This will give you a whole day to clean the home. Make sure to steam clean the carpets and paint the walls back to white. Cleaning it well will help you to get your deposit back.